Local services and purchasing

Only local members of Mid York Beekeepers association can add their info to this list. This way you are insured that the people you call are local and are available to help you.

  • Swarm catcher – these are the brave people what will come pick up that ball of bees that is hanging in front of you
  • Colony removal – this is who you call when you discover a coloney of honey bees has taken up residance in a structure around your home
  • Honey for sale – know your beekeeper: the best honey is produced by your neighbors
  • Speaking and education – these are our profesionals that have a passion to share with others what they have learned about beekeeping
  • Nucleus colony – this is how you purchase bees and bring them home. We only recomend locally raised bees
  • Mentor – these are the people who have a passion to work one on one with new beekeepers willing to listen and learn