Local Betterbee Supplier:
Bottom of the Barrel
1736 Mt. Hope Ave.
Oneida, NY 13421
Visit: for more information!

New York State Bee Inspector Contact Information:
 518-457-2087 or [email protected]
NYS Honey Bee Inspection Form

Got Bees?
Swarm Catchers of New York

Removing Your Swarms | Pollinator Network @ Cornell

Cornell’s Dyce Lab of Apicultural Studies:
​Please visit:

The Dyce Lab hosts a Beekeepers Help Line that addresses questions via email.:  [email protected]
Among other projects hosted by the Dyce Lab:

Supply Houses

Mann Lake LTD
Blue Sky Bee Supply
Kelley Beekeeping


​​The EPA Finally Admitted That the World’s Most Popular Pesticide Kills Bees—20 Years Too Late
Zombie Bees Are Real, and They’re Stalking North America
Colony Treatment For Bee Disease And Mite Control


NY Bee Wellness
Bee Culture
American Bee Journal
Beemasters International Beekeeping Forum
Beesource Beekeeping Forum
Organic Beekeepers Discussion Group
New York Bee Wellness Workshops
​NASA’s Honey Bee Project
​Northeast Beginning Farmers Project
Record Keeping
Randy Oliver
​Mite Testing
Cornell Cooperative Extension
Honey Labels
NYS Bear Law
NYS Tax Farm Exempt Form

Presentations & Handouts

Mythbusters Varroa
Wasp and Bee Management

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