Field Training Session

Summer 2023 Dates Coming Soon!
The Mid-York Beekeeping club will be hosting multiple field training sessions for our membership. Below are the dates and anticipated topics. please note all topics listed are subject to change and in case of inclement weather dates will be rescheduled. Each session is 2 hours long and personal protective equipment is required.​

  • May 15th – Setting Up a Hive
  • May 29th – Inspection, Mite Testing, and adding Supers- Due to weather this program will begin at noon.
  • June 12th- Swarm Prevention, Supering, and Mite Testing
  • July 10th – Inspection, Splitting, and Mite Testing
  • August 7th – Extractions and Mite Testing
  • September 18th – Hive Treating, Mite Testing, and Winter Preparation
  • Training Program Package (All dates listed above)

$25 per session
$100 for entire program

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