Beekeeper education

Along with regular club meetings we provide classes and hands on training to help you advance in your beekeeping skills

The best place to start any beekeeping adventure is to get to know another beekeeper. Come to a Mid York Club meeting and ask some questions. You will find that we are an open very friendly group where people from all walks of life come and feel welcomed.

Our Beginner Beekeeper Class is the next step in learning how to successfully keep bees. This is a full day program with an array of instructors that give presentations that cover everything you need to know to get started.

Our Intermediate Beekeeper Class is a follow up to our beginner class. It is intended for the second and third year beekeeper that wants to expand on their skills and try new things with their bees and products of the hive.

Field Training is a unique hands on experience that takes place over several Saturday mornings this summer. This program is designed to give a full immersive adventure into the activities of beekeeping. Here you don’t need any experience of own your own hives. It is a great way to try out beekeeping and learn valuable skills without having to invest in all the equipment needed to sustain the hobby.